Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why I Do What I Do

There are a couple of reasons I compost. First is just simple economics. In trying to create more gardens at the Field House, I need more dirt, and dirt, surprisingly, costs quite a bit of coin, which I would rather spend on food, shelter, clothing, books, tools, beer, treehouse construction supplies, loomex electrical wire, Registered Education Saving Plan contributions for Rudi and Alexander, and a new stove for the cottage, among other things. And I need a lot of earth, probably in the range of 20 cubic yards by the time I am done most of my garden building. That's about two grand worth of dirt. So my solution has been to collect just about all the vegetable organic matter, and turn it into some kind of compost dirt substitute.

The second reason has to do with, efficiency. I find it far easier to rake the crap dropped by all the dirty trees straight into the wheelbarrow, trundle it to the backyard, and dump it in a compost bin, rather than bag it, take it to the curb, and get it landfilled.

And finally, I guess I am doing my part to help save the environment...not that diverting a few hundred kilograms a year out of the solid waste stream makes a difference, but I guess every little bit helps.

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