Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If It Looks Like Crap, It's Probably Compost

What is dark brown, a bit smelly, and looks like crap? Well, compost of course, silly! At the Field House, we collect an abundance of organic matter, from Spruce and Pine needles and cones, leaves, branches and other garden trimming, a whole variety of food scraps, and lawn cuttings also.

This blog will let you know how we are able to magically transform all this organic waste into beautiful, nutrient-rich organic matter, suitable for adding to any gardent to improve the health of plants growing in it. Actually I am exaggerating. Some of the stuff we compost does turn into nutrient rich organic matter, and makes a wonderful compost material. A lot of the stuff we compost eventually turns into some kind of passable organic matter, suitable for building garden beds where there were none before, and helping plants grow as well as basic topsoil found at your garden centre.

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