Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A New Ingredient!

Here is an interesting new compost ingredient, courtesy of having an under three year old in diapers at night and training pants in the day. The little beads of water absorbing material are essentially the same stuff that premium potting soil mixes use, to basically slurp up excess water, then slowly release it over time. I collect a couple of poop free diapers, wet them fully with water, then cut open one end and squeeze the contents into one of the composting bins. This way I actually compost much of the diaper, unlike the City of Toronto that picks diapers up in their green program, and then has people hand pick them out to send them to the dump! What a load of crap that is... literally!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rotting Organic Waste - Mmmm Yummy!

What Goes In...

Must Come Out...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Electric Composting!

I found this link to ** NATURE MILL'S ** 'compost made easy' website which features the new XE series electric kitchen composter, which begs the following question:

What is really wrong with the what you see on this web site?

If you guessed the whole concept of an indoor, electronically-modulated, humidity-controlled, electrical power-activated, fully-automatic home composter, you would be wrong.

What is really wrong is that the following captions were not inserted in the ad, to give the sales pitch a true to life flavour!

What he is saying: "I'm really sorry honey, it was delicious, but we had a big lunch meeting, and I must have overeaten"

What she is saying: "Oh that's ok sweetie, I completely understand, that's why we have our neat little composter here!"

What he is thinking: "She always cooks the crap out of the veggies, I really hope she buys the 'big lunch meeting' excuse, I don't wanna be in the doghouse... I need some nookie!"

What she is thinking: "I am definitely not buying that lame 'big lunch meeting' excuse buster, you're in the doghouse for a week... that means no nookie!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prize Winning Squash

I just about died laughing when I read my post below (Welcome Weeds). Well that little squash plant growing out of my composter quickly became a very big squash plant growing out of my composter, and actually produced third prize winning squash in the 2009 Tavistock Fall Fair (and not just out of three entries, there were at least six or seven in the category).

Friday, August 14, 2009

Okay, So I Am Crazy!

I love composting so much, that I actually compost at other peoples houses! Yes, I am that crazy! This is a photo of my handywork after visiting my sister in Barry's Bay for dinner this past weekend... Remember, help your compost cook faster by cutting things like corncobs into little pieces! Also notice the fancy little compost bucket provided by the Township of Madawaska Valley as part of their curbside compost pickup program. Sweet!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome Weeds

I guess a weed can be considered any plant growing in a location that is not desired, so having a large gourd plant growing out of my compost container could certainly be considered a weed. However, although it has pretty much taken over residence in the one bin, I will simply use the other three to build compost in, and see what this plant produces by fall...You never know, it could end up being a prize winning gourd at the Tavistock Fall Fair, or better yet, watermelon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

How To Score A Dozen Bags Of Oak Leaves

Earlier this evening I was showing a Bed and Breakfast guest to her room, when to my surprise there was another knock at the front door! Excusing myself, I headed downstairs, and was pleasantly surprised to see Dennis at the door. Dennis and Katherine attended German school together several years ago, and he is also a 'colleague' of Katherine's as he now supply teaches occasionally. He and his wife MaryAnn drive right through town on their way to their cottage, and often drop in for a visit and a cup of tea.

To make a long story short, after chatting a bit, MaryAnn checked her watch, and I asked if they needed to be anywhere. Turns out they were trying to make the Waterloo landfill by 6pm to dump off about a dozen bags of oak leaves from their cottage, as the local tipping fees were a bit exorbitant, and Waterloo might add them to the compost for free. As it was already after 5:30pm, they wouldn't make Waterloo, so I suggested I would take them all! Dennis at first thought I was a bit crazy, but I persuaded him that I compost just about anything, and would be quite happy finding a suitable home for his bags of leaves. Ten minutes later we had his trailer unloaded, and eleven heavy bags of oak leaves stacked on the boulevard, which I will take later to the backyard.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raw Materials 4

I have always wanted to find a decent supply of coffee grounds for composting, and finally found the perfect supplier. I have arranged to place a green bin at Morning Glory Cafe's location at Heffner Lexus Toyota in Kitchener. This is the first full bin I collected, weighing about 60 lbs of nothing but used coffee grounds and filters. Morning Glory Cafe is a small cafe run by Ray Of Hope, a local not-for-profit agency.

still working on this, check out links below

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Finished Product

I am building a new garden bed on the East side of the property, which is currently planted with Day-Lillies, a shade loving grass, and two types of Hostas. In the area that is mostly planted the way I want, I added a top layer of newspaper (to keep weeds down) and some of my rough quality compost that I make in the wooden bins. The picture is of the finished product. This stuff is really more of a slowly biodegradeable mulch, with some completely broken down humus, and plenty of matierials which will continue to decompose in place. As is evident, the Spruce cones and needles take a while to break down, but within two years those seen here will be completely gone.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Raw Materials 3

Still some more raw materials, which are mainly dead grasses and perennial plant matter from some areas of the garden beds. Katherines parents were over for part of the weekend, and Katherine and her mom attacked some of the beds, simply raking this dead crap out onto the lawn, which was then tossed in a wheelbarrow for the final trip to become worm food!