Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Electric Composting!

I found this link to ** NATURE MILL'S ** 'compost made easy' website which features the new XE series electric kitchen composter, which begs the following question:

What is really wrong with the what you see on this web site?

If you guessed the whole concept of an indoor, electronically-modulated, humidity-controlled, electrical power-activated, fully-automatic home composter, you would be wrong.

What is really wrong is that the following captions were not inserted in the ad, to give the sales pitch a true to life flavour!

What he is saying: "I'm really sorry honey, it was delicious, but we had a big lunch meeting, and I must have overeaten"

What she is saying: "Oh that's ok sweetie, I completely understand, that's why we have our neat little composter here!"

What he is thinking: "She always cooks the crap out of the veggies, I really hope she buys the 'big lunch meeting' excuse, I don't wanna be in the doghouse... I need some nookie!"

What she is thinking: "I am definitely not buying that lame 'big lunch meeting' excuse buster, you're in the doghouse for a week... that means no nookie!"

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