Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raw Materials 4

I have always wanted to find a decent supply of coffee grounds for composting, and finally found the perfect supplier. I have arranged to place a green bin at Morning Glory Cafe's location at Heffner Lexus Toyota in Kitchener. This is the first full bin I collected, weighing about 60 lbs of nothing but used coffee grounds and filters. Morning Glory Cafe is a small cafe run by Ray Of Hope, a local not-for-profit agency.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Finished Product

I am building a new garden bed on the East side of the property, which is currently planted with Day-Lillies, a shade loving grass, and two types of Hostas. In the area that is mostly planted the way I want, I added a top layer of newspaper (to keep weeds down) and some of my rough quality compost that I make in the wooden bins. The picture is of the finished product. This stuff is really more of a slowly biodegradeable mulch, with some completely broken down humus, and plenty of matierials which will continue to decompose in place. As is evident, the Spruce cones and needles take a while to break down, but within two years those seen here will be completely gone.