Saturday, July 4, 2009

How To Score A Dozen Bags Of Oak Leaves

Earlier this evening I was showing a Bed and Breakfast guest to her room, when to my surprise there was another knock at the front door! Excusing myself, I headed downstairs, and was pleasantly surprised to see Dennis at the door. Dennis and Katherine attended German school together several years ago, and he is also a 'colleague' of Katherine's as he now supply teaches occasionally. He and his wife MaryAnn drive right through town on their way to their cottage, and often drop in for a visit and a cup of tea.

To make a long story short, after chatting a bit, MaryAnn checked her watch, and I asked if they needed to be anywhere. Turns out they were trying to make the Waterloo landfill by 6pm to dump off about a dozen bags of oak leaves from their cottage, as the local tipping fees were a bit exorbitant, and Waterloo might add them to the compost for free. As it was already after 5:30pm, they wouldn't make Waterloo, so I suggested I would take them all! Dennis at first thought I was a bit crazy, but I persuaded him that I compost just about anything, and would be quite happy finding a suitable home for his bags of leaves. Ten minutes later we had his trailer unloaded, and eleven heavy bags of oak leaves stacked on the boulevard, which I will take later to the backyard.

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