Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Raw Materials 1

As mentioned earlier, just about everything organic and non-animal in composition (so anything vegetable and mineral) I tend to compost. As far as mineral raw materials goes, there is not much except for recycled soil material from the lawn or garden, with the only notable exception being the crap I collect from the roadway at the front of the house every spring. After the snow clears, I have a habit of tidying up this area at the front of the property. This involves raking up the crap from the 'boulevard' (the grass between the sidewalk and curb) onto the roadway, and then shovelling up along the curb to remove any weeds, and collect all the fine sand and gravel that collects there over the winter. Generally I fill about 3 or 4 wheeelbarrow loads of needles, cones, grass, weed, some earth (from where I cut the grass back neatly over the curb) and a bunch of sand ranging from very fine dust to coars, and some fine gravel also. I have no idea what the chemical composition is of the sand, and if it contains a lot of road salt, but it seems not to matter, as it represents only a small percentage of my total compost stream.

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